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I've started to use a feed reader as I keep forgetting to check all the various knitting/friend/science blogs that I like to read. I'm using Google Reader just because it was there*.

The issue I'm having, however, is that often readers don't get the comments** . Are there readers out there that grab comments too, or is it specific to the source page/blog? I hate having to go check the page to see what the comments are :/. What do you use?

In other news, two more sleeps till I turn 28. I'm finding myself in a very contemplative place right now. It must be the rapid approach to 30. In my mind 30 year olds are supposed to know what they're doing with their lives, have a Plan for the Future and basically be Responsible Adults able to Contribute to Society. Also, still brooding on the issue of ex-bf and her engagement. Sigh.

While at "work" today, a public holiday***, I seem to have fallen into science blogs. This is a particularly cool one. There's also WTF Nature and Tetrapod Zoology. I would love to go to the abyssal plain. I need a submersible, dammit. It's for Science!! Also, I need a vat to grow dinosaurs.

* I like to keep all my stuffs in one place, and since I use Gmail and Google Calendar already it seemed logical to use Google Reader
** unless like Wordpress (ftw!) there's a seperate feed for comments as well
*** I'm taking the time off in lieu for exams

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I've been fairly active on Ravelry recently in a somewhat organisational manner, first with the Knitting in Public Day event and now for the South African Ravelympics Team*. The "downside" of this seems to be that I'm being added as a friend by random people I've never met and some who don't even live in SA. It's one thing if I've chatted to you online at least once on a forum or private message, but if you're a lurker on a forum to which I post and you like my userpic/projects/blabbering then why the hell are you friending me? I guess I should be flattered or something, I'm sounding like a horrible unfriendly bitch** but I really don't understand the motivation behind adding someone as a friend that you don't know, have never communicated with and don't even live near.

What are others' thoughts on online "friends"? I only friend people on Facebook, for instance, if I actually know them and actually like them. I don't friend people that I just know, cos they're not actually friends then, just acquaintances. My LJ friends are people I've met and like and with whom I've communicated (even if only in email).

I'm just baffled by this trend of "friending" people you kinda like cos of what they say on a public forum.

* don't ask unless you're really into knitting :P.

** for those who know me, you can stop snorting now


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