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So we're in the home stretch now, as it were. It's a bit calm-before-the-stormy as P's family start arriving on Sunday and then it gets all crazy. My sister has moved out to live with her bf, so the house will be somewhat less crowded. As excited as I am to be marrying my bear, I'm kinda over this whole wedding thing. Not that it's been stressful, it's just been so much planning and organising and stuff (not to mention worrying about finances) but everything seems ok now and on track and it should All Be Fine on the days concerned. I'm looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in a while (and their new babies!).

My Ishbel shawl is finished and blocked and looks awesome! I've been meaning to put pics on my knitblog but the weathers been a bit yuck for taking pics so as soon as we get some nice weather I'll post pics of all my FOs. Wedding dress is nearly done, looking good. I've hit a bit of a bump with P's waistcoat and will have to re-cut the front facing and lining but the mock-up fit  so I'm not too concerned. I've been sewing at least 3 hours a night for the past week so I'm hoping the results will pay off. Or I'll possibly go blind :).

Also, there is a monkey's wedding outside today and the sky is full of rainbows. As I was driving along Settler's Way to work this morning there was a perfect rainbow framing Devil's Peak. Wish I'd taken a picture. Another really bright one against Table Mountain above Gardens, looked like I could reach out and touch it. Even though I know how they work it still doesn't take the magic out of them. See, woo people, science and knowing how things work doesn't make the world less magical or enjoyable!

ETA: due to a gigantic admin fuck-up my housebuilding henparty for this Saturday is cancelled. Basically they moved the build I signed up for to the Friday and cancelled the third build. The build that remained on the Saturday was then filled up. Then, they only booked me two slots as they didn't see the "party of 15 ppl" in the notes when I filled out the volunteer form! Completely useless. I was so disappointed that I nearly cried. I was really really looking forward to it and I know others were too. Hopefully we'll still get the chance to do it some day. There's a project I'm interested in call the Good Night God Bless sleeping bag, made from black bags and newspaper, so I might organise a day to do that sometime.

ps: if anyone wants banking details for honeymoon fund please email me or P.

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I've started to use a feed reader as I keep forgetting to check all the various knitting/friend/science blogs that I like to read. I'm using Google Reader just because it was there*.

The issue I'm having, however, is that often readers don't get the comments** . Are there readers out there that grab comments too, or is it specific to the source page/blog? I hate having to go check the page to see what the comments are :/. What do you use?

In other news, two more sleeps till I turn 28. I'm finding myself in a very contemplative place right now. It must be the rapid approach to 30. In my mind 30 year olds are supposed to know what they're doing with their lives, have a Plan for the Future and basically be Responsible Adults able to Contribute to Society. Also, still brooding on the issue of ex-bf and her engagement. Sigh.

While at "work" today, a public holiday***, I seem to have fallen into science blogs. This is a particularly cool one. There's also WTF Nature and Tetrapod Zoology. I would love to go to the abyssal plain. I need a submersible, dammit. It's for Science!! Also, I need a vat to grow dinosaurs.

* I like to keep all my stuffs in one place, and since I use Gmail and Google Calendar already it seemed logical to use Google Reader
** unless like Wordpress (ftw!) there's a seperate feed for comments as well
*** I'm taking the time off in lieu for exams

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My colleague, a Zimbabwean farmer, just regaled me with an account of his bizarre dream last night:

He was a piece of boerewors, trying to cross a busy road in rush hour along with many other pieces of wors. He was late for an appointment and as the pieces were of varying lengths, he found he could work his way through the gaps to the front of the "sausage queue", while trying not to get squished by the traffic.

Other than the obvious penis reference, wtf?!


In other news, my Phleep bought me Parasite Rex. It is full of gross. Botfly! Tapeworm! A crustacean that only lives in the eye jelly of the Greenland shark (that cruises beneath the Arctic ice)! Parasites for the win. He made me promise not to tell him anything "really awesome" from the book. Sigh. Expect interesting dinner conversation, people :).

Also, I want a tshirt from here. Just awesome, really. Probably the giant robot. Check out the other tabs for cool Discworldey designs.
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See, this is why I wanted to become a genetic engineer*: (link courtesy of confluence - I don't know why people feel compelled to send me panda links**, it's like some sort of distributed pandar :P)

In other news, tonight I finish that damn Aran. The sewing up is taking so long, I hate finishing off projects. I think my sewing is very untidy (I should learn to crochet, it's good for neat seams) and it takes so long. Why can't I just sew it on the sewing machine?

* only evil if making small cute things is evil. Alas, AIDS research just doesn't do it for me
** please don't stop
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Falling into the Wikipedia*, as one does, I came across the following sites, absolutely amazing: - an image collection of various pathology things, like necrotic glands and deformed brains. Especially delicious is the caseous necrosis in an adrenal gland. This is very common in tuberculosis, where the inside of the tumour turns to a "cheesy" substance. Mmmm. - Feline Medical Curiosities. Get your fill of cyclops cats, mitten cats and cats that look like the Grinch (green fur!). - Cyclops kittens and the importance of the "Sonic Hedgehog" protein. - Exactly what it says, deformities of the head. Anencephaly is particularly interesting.

I think working at a vet might be exacerbating my fascination with weird medical things. I currently have a poodle's eyeball (in a jar of formalin) in my desk drawer.

Also, I will put the buffalo pics up as soon as I find my data card reader.

* It started with a search on nosectomy (as one of the nurses mentioned that cats with white noses can get skin cancer on their noses and have to have them cut off), which led to feline diseases, which led to SAV (vaccine associated sarcoma)**, which led to Granulomas. See, totally innocent. All in the name of scientific curiosity. Science! I should get a t-shirt with "I did it for Science!" printed on it.

** I'll have to ask my vet about that, some American vets recommend only vaccinating every 3 years and to only vaccinate cats at risk for FeLV.
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So, who's with me to go throw panties at Stephen Hawking?! He's coming to SA in May, people. Get your panties ready.
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A rant about stupid things people do to their genitals. Mention of genital modification, don't read on if you're at all squeamy or a prude, some links NSFW.

I also happened across the very sad story of David Reimer, who was sexually reassigned to a female as an infant after a botched circumcision. He never thought of himself as female, though, and lived as a male from the age of 14. He committed suicide at 38.
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If female issues gross you out, go look here instead.

I'm trying these Kegel things in preparation for getting a Lunacup. Apparently tightening the pelvic floor muscles helps hold it in place. I think I'm doing them correctly*, but it's kinda tiring. Eish, I'm so unfit even my vajayjay can't cope with sustained exercise.

Any thoughts?

*I'm tightening down there like I'm "knuiping" and it's not my butt or my tummy or my thighs. What's left?

Edit: spelling. Kugel is a (usually Jewish) lady who wears too much make-up and jewellery and says things like "Oh mah gaawd, I neeeely dahd". Obviously I've been spending too much time in Sea Point.


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