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So, that was Xmas, was it? It certainly didn't feel like Xmas. I don't know if it was the fact that everyone's po' at the moment, or the fact that I'm not taking any holiday time over Xmas, but I just didn't have that same feeling this year that I usually have. Ah, well, we all grow up sometime I suppose.

Panda and I went for Xmas-eve sushi (our local was closed, so we went to Sake House* in Claremont), then came home and opened his gift to me (us): the collector's edition Star Trek: The Next Generation (all 7 seasons on 49 dvds with loads of extras). It is made of win. We've watched the first 3 dvds so far. I have reached the height of geekdom: admiring knitted sweaters in a cheesy sf show** :P. I do love the Trek, though. Mmm, Picard. And Data (he's fully functional, you know).

The day itself was ok, had a big lunch at my aunt's place with a total of 16 family members. There were no fights (for a change!), I didn't overeat too badly (although I did make too much trifle, which was a bit heavy on the sherry or so I'm told), and I got to see everyone. It was pleasant, except for pretty much every single person asking me when P and I are getting married and having kids. Argh. The Xmas is the coolest (weather-wise) that I can remember, it's raining at the moment. Damn climate change, interfering with my laundry schedule.

My yarn from everymoment arrived (via red-headed glamazonian courier in lime-green and turquoise sequinned high heels). It's so lovely, but I'm struggling to find a pattern that will suit it.

Here are some adorable pictures of Puff (warning: the high levels of cute may cause eyeballs to bleed).


Also, here is a recipe for rice salad. I am posting it here as I have received lots of compliments from people who might like to make it themselves. I haven't given quantities, use as much of each ingredient as you like. The end ratio of rice to veg should be 1:1.

Rice rice baby

- cooked brown rice
- mushrooms
- red peppers
- green peppers
- onion (red or brown)
- can of whole kernel corn
- garlic
- soya sauce

Chop your veges. Fry onion and garlic until tender, then add peppers and fry until tender. Add mushrooms and fry until tender. When all the veges are done to your liking, add the rice and fry it all together. Then add soya sauce and mix well. Ta da! You can also add cashews to this, or lentils to make it a complete meal.


* quite pricey compared to our local, not as tasty but a much greater variety. Almost too much variety. It was ok for a treat, but probably won't go there again unless for a special occasion.

** it's a good thing I'm not in Starfleet:

*alarms ringing, lights flashing*
Redshirt: Captain, the Borg are attacking, there's a Klingon Bird of Prey decloaking off the port bow and the holodeck has malfunctioned causing fictional characters to swarm the lower decks!
Me: Is that a C4F or a Cr4L I see on your sweater?
Enterprise: *asplode*


Edit: a good reason to get your pets microchipped.

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I have decided that I want a digital camera. I borrowed one for our UK holiday and the pictures are far superior to my cellphone (leet as it is).

The one I borrowed was a Canon Powershot A710IS. It's the only one I've ever used, but it seemed to have all the things I want. I would use it mostly for pictures of needlework and cats, so I need a good zoom as well as good low-light picture-taking (I don't have a good lighting setup at home, it's basically crappy room lighting). Other than those two, I'm not really fussy about the other features.

So, I need recommendations, please. What do you use, why and what would you recommend for my limited needs? The range of digital cameras is bewildering so I'm hoping someone with more experience than me can shed some light (haha) :). There are also loads of second hand cameras available on Gumtree, at Cash Crusaders/Converters etc, are these worth looking into?

Edit: I was looking on Incredible Connection's website and found this Fuji Finepix Z20. I really like the colour, and it seems to have everything I need (as well as a Macro mode for 15cm). Anyone had any experience with Fujis? The Canon one down from the one I used, the Canon Powershot A590IS 8MP, seems to have all I need as well (4x zoom as opposed to the A720's 6x), and it's R700 cheaper than the A720. I don't really need 6x zoom :P.

Last pics

Oct. 8th, 2008 10:08 pm
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Finally done! All uploaded now, go look. I think this is the best picture I took all holiday. It just sums up the English so well. 

Really stressed at the moment. Big SCA event this weekend (bleh....), exams this month and lots of work pressure. I have finished one of my Xmas knitting projects, though :).Now just 4 more to go.

Last weekend was Cara's birthday party. I bought her a pinata and I filled it with sweets. I think the best bit of the party was when Jo (perhaps Duncan?) was swinging wildly with a wooden plank and Hendrik dived to drag his son out of harm's way. I hope there are pics somewhere.


Oct. 1st, 2008 01:41 pm
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I've started to upload the UK holiday pics to my shiny new Flickr Pro* account. There are some with humans in, if you are one of these and would prefer not to have your face all over the internets, let me know and I'll take it down. Most of the Innocent Fete and London Zoo pics are by [ profile] gnomeza, the rest of the London/wedding/Dorset pics are by me.

Other than that: meerkats! Sloth! Baby komodo**! and a giant friggin moth. Mothra, really. I have more from Dorset that will get uploaded tonight, hopefully. Argh, teh sloooow internets.

Birthday last week was good, my Phleep took me to the Tibetan Teahouse in Simonstown. We saw whales, just chillin 20m off shore. While I didn't feel the need to pull over (like so many many others, stupidly, on a busy road) I'm really glad they are there. Cetaceans ftw.

The birthday party on Saturday was cool, despite being crashed by family. Sorry I was a bit antisocial, I was a bit miff. Lovely to see you all, and thanks for the presents :).

* thanks, hodge and confluence!
** komodo dragons would be Gluttony, I suppose. Is there Really Bad Oral Hygiene a Deadly Sin? It damn well should be. Eww.


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