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I'm trying to fill out forms so my sister can claim UIF while being off on sick leave. The website tells you what you need to bring with you, but not how to fill out the 6 forms you need (the forms themselves are hardly user-friendly). Now, I consider myself a fairly intelligent person with a  good grasp of English and a fair knowledge of UIF/tax in SA, but jeez. If I'm having trouble, imagine someone not as well educated with a poorer grasp of English trying to claim anything. I think the idea is that you come into the labour office (and probably wait in a queue for hours), speak to a consultant who tells you what you need, then go get the things, then come back. Lather, rinse, repeat. I can see it taking 2 or 3 trips, with something being wrong with the form each time. For the illness benefit you need "medical certificate from a doctor" (is that the doctor who booked you off, or will any doctor do) and an "amplifying medical report" (where the hell am I going to get that?). There are UIF consulting firms out there that will help you claim, but they probably cost monies. Sigh. I think the red tape is such a nightmare that many people just don't bother, maybe that's how UIF makes its money.

Argh, irritated with bureaucratic crapshit.
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If someone wants to complete their Matric certificate, but didn't finish Gr 9, how do they go about it? Intec offers Grade 10 and Matric (Grade 12) but they can't help you if you didn't finish Gr 9. Sigh. I'm sure there are many individuals in SA with the problem of leaving school early (for whatever reason). Intec couldn't even refer me to someone who could help me. I think these institutions assume that people finish at least Gr 10, but I don't think that's at all realistic. Argh. 


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