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The day when my cats develop manual dexterity and take over the world. Sigh, it was fun while it lasted: the illusion of being in control, the love and cuddles, the adoring purring and rubbing against my feet*.

Peoples' exhibit A
Pandora likes biscuits. We have seen her steal a wholewheat digestive off the table by picking it up with her hands and putting it in her mouth. Crunching sounds then ensued from underneath the table. A few days ago she stole a Lemon Cream from next to the PC, opened it without breaking it and licked out all the creamy filling. Obviously she's learned how to use tools to open biscuits. She discarded the boring hard bit and went straight for the sweetness.

Peoples' exhibit B:
I found the bag where I keep the extra cat food unzipped and the cat food bag gnawed open. Now, I've seen Puff gnaw open a bag but only Pandora has demonstrated the manual dexterity needed to be able to unzip a zip.

Hear me, fellow humans! The Catpocalypse is coming! Bow down now to our furry overlords** and they may spare you the tortures of the Play Pen. Perhaps you can be a Favored Slave instead of having your toes gnawed off for eternity***.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

* Ok, this only really happens when they want food, but still.
** Even if they lick their bums and have arse-breath, and occasionally chase their tails. It's all to lull you into a false sense of security.
*** They grow back, you know.
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I've been fairly active on Ravelry recently in a somewhat organisational manner, first with the Knitting in Public Day event and now for the South African Ravelympics Team*. The "downside" of this seems to be that I'm being added as a friend by random people I've never met and some who don't even live in SA. It's one thing if I've chatted to you online at least once on a forum or private message, but if you're a lurker on a forum to which I post and you like my userpic/projects/blabbering then why the hell are you friending me? I guess I should be flattered or something, I'm sounding like a horrible unfriendly bitch** but I really don't understand the motivation behind adding someone as a friend that you don't know, have never communicated with and don't even live near.

What are others' thoughts on online "friends"? I only friend people on Facebook, for instance, if I actually know them and actually like them. I don't friend people that I just know, cos they're not actually friends then, just acquaintances. My LJ friends are people I've met and like and with whom I've communicated (even if only in email).

I'm just baffled by this trend of "friending" people you kinda like cos of what they say on a public forum.

* don't ask unless you're really into knitting :P.

** for those who know me, you can stop snorting now
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Last night I had the most bizarre dream, I just thought I'd share it with you all :).

Robert Downey Jr worked at my firm*  but he was still him, the actor. I was reading some celebrity blog (like Go Fug Yourself) and there were pics of him and Eva Mendes on the beach, suitably attired. She looked hot in a bikini and he looked really studly in (blank here, but I'm sure I would've remembered had it been a Speedo, urgh) and there was speculation about whether they were together or not. So I let out this "oh my god!" at his hotness, and from his office downstairs he calls "oh, did you like my picture?". And I say to him "yes, you look damn hot". And that's pretty much that. Also, confluence had left a comment on the celebrity blog to the same effect, showing herself as a rabid RD Jr fangirl.

The next morning people are coming over to my house to watch Star Wars (I think I was showing a marathon) at 9am. So people start arriving at 8.30 (hah, srsly, in CT?) and I'm still abed in fluffy blue dressing gown** and they're like "oh, we just came early to have coffee". Some of the people arriving were Hodgestar and confluence. RD Jr was also attending. When confluence entered the lounge, she squeed and frothed at RD Jr for like 10 minutes, while Hodgestar stood around looking embarrassed.

The really weird bit: I can't imagine confluence squeeing all over someone, even if he is as hot as RD Jr. Also, RD Jr was himself yet also just a normal guy. He was also a bit embarrassed at the frothing.

I'm not sure if I'm a RD Jr fangirl. I've always liked him in films (he was superb in Fur) but Iron Man has put him into that "omg, superhero hotness" category. Like I've always loved Christian Bale, but him as Batman is just beyond hot. While I don't see myself ever being one of those screaming women at gala premiers, I can't say what I'll do if I should ever have the chance. I find the list*** of "people for whom I would leave my Phleep****" growing longer. It might just be the hormones, though. I wonder if, as I approach 30, my biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away, telling me to mate now or forever hold my peace.

* I'm not sure what we did, actually

** this bit is real, I do have such an article of clothing.

*** Currently*****: Jared Leto, RD Jr, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, John Malkovich

**** I'm only half-serious here. The bottom half.

***** This changes every week.
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Omg, I nearly died laughing at these. This dude (dudette?) collects bizarre vinyl albums* and blogs about them. There are little snippets you can listen to, if you really want to. I must admit: the knitting album intrigues me, but not as much as the disco Xmas songs.

The Internet is full of wonder.

*presumably from garage sales or something.
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I suppose it was my own fault for googling "i eat babies livejournal icon". I got this result (NSFW and definitely NSF people with children or squeams).

While on the one hand I support freedom of speech and find many bizarre things hilarious, I really do fail to see the humour in pictures of abortions and actual dead babies. The fact that there's a whole LJ community devoted to this kinda freaks me out a bit. Not only do they find these things funny, some of them are actively against having children and make fun of people who are offended by their humour. Now, I've ridiculed my fair share of comment-wankers on stupid forums and silly topics, but I think this one goes a bit Too Far.

Is there a line that has been crossed here? Just what in the world of humour is Too Far? I read an article a while back about a comedian who groped a woman on stage as part of his "act" and many of the audience seemed to think that was too far. How much can be justified in the name of humour? I don't think I'm speaking from a bunny-and-baby-hugger POV here. Do people who don't like babies as much as me also feel really grossed out and offended by this? There's a difference (in my mind) between those 90's "dead baby jokes" and _actual_ pictures of dead babies with LOLs written on them. What's next, LOLabortions*?

I have not read the community posts, nor have I read the Something Awful article mentioned in my first link. If I feel any differently afterwards, I'll update.

* I can see it now, an aborted foetus with "Life, you're doing it wrong" on it. Sadly, that wasn't the only Lol-caption that sprang to mind. Do I need help because I could think of at least 5 captions for a picture of an aborted foetus?
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Last night I watched "While you were sleeping" for maybe the third time. It's a lovely, sweet movie, a bit cheesy and twee (as Phleep put it) but still heartwarming. The basic premise is that this dude nearly gets hit by a train, goes into a coma and his fancier gets mistaken for his fiancee. At one point she goes to his apartment to feed his cat. Now, he's been in a coma for a few days already and it's a really fancy apartment*. Yes, the cat is starving, but what I want to know is: WHERE HAS IT BEEN POOPING?! I know my cats get angry if I don't clean the litter box for a day** yet this Persian kitty has been alone for 2 days at least, in a very fancy apartment ***. The not-fiancee feeds the cat but there's no changing (or mention) of litter and she rushes off again.

Now, a normal person would not have noticed this and gone on to enjoy the rest of the movie with its little love triangle and misunderstandings and eventual happy ending full of cheese. But all I could think about was the cat poop.

* with really fancy cream carpets. There's a bit where she knocks over a vase of blue stuff and then puts a couch over the stain.

** 2 days and I start finding "presents" on the bathroom mat

*** on like the 50th floor of this building with, I'm assuming, no jetpack to get out of the window
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My colleague, a Zimbabwean farmer, just regaled me with an account of his bizarre dream last night:

He was a piece of boerewors, trying to cross a busy road in rush hour along with many other pieces of wors. He was late for an appointment and as the pieces were of varying lengths, he found he could work his way through the gaps to the front of the "sausage queue", while trying not to get squished by the traffic.

Other than the obvious penis reference, wtf?!


In other news, my Phleep bought me Parasite Rex. It is full of gross. Botfly! Tapeworm! A crustacean that only lives in the eye jelly of the Greenland shark (that cruises beneath the Arctic ice)! Parasites for the win. He made me promise not to tell him anything "really awesome" from the book. Sigh. Expect interesting dinner conversation, people :).

Also, I want a tshirt from here. Just awesome, really. Probably the giant robot. Check out the other tabs for cool Discworldey designs.
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Falling into the Wikipedia*, as one does, I came across the following sites, absolutely amazing: - an image collection of various pathology things, like necrotic glands and deformed brains. Especially delicious is the caseous necrosis in an adrenal gland. This is very common in tuberculosis, where the inside of the tumour turns to a "cheesy" substance. Mmmm. - Feline Medical Curiosities. Get your fill of cyclops cats, mitten cats and cats that look like the Grinch (green fur!). - Cyclops kittens and the importance of the "Sonic Hedgehog" protein. - Exactly what it says, deformities of the head. Anencephaly is particularly interesting.

I think working at a vet might be exacerbating my fascination with weird medical things. I currently have a poodle's eyeball (in a jar of formalin) in my desk drawer.

Also, I will put the buffalo pics up as soon as I find my data card reader.

* It started with a search on nosectomy (as one of the nurses mentioned that cats with white noses can get skin cancer on their noses and have to have them cut off), which led to feline diseases, which led to SAV (vaccine associated sarcoma)**, which led to Granulomas. See, totally innocent. All in the name of scientific curiosity. Science! I should get a t-shirt with "I did it for Science!" printed on it.

** I'll have to ask my vet about that, some American vets recommend only vaccinating every 3 years and to only vaccinate cats at risk for FeLV.
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A rant about stupid things people do to their genitals. Mention of genital modification, don't read on if you're at all squeamy or a prude, some links NSFW.

I also happened across the very sad story of David Reimer, who was sexually reassigned to a female as an infant after a botched circumcision. He never thought of himself as female, though, and lived as a male from the age of 14. He committed suicide at 38.


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