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So we're in the home stretch now, as it were. It's a bit calm-before-the-stormy as P's family start arriving on Sunday and then it gets all crazy. My sister has moved out to live with her bf, so the house will be somewhat less crowded. As excited as I am to be marrying my bear, I'm kinda over this whole wedding thing. Not that it's been stressful, it's just been so much planning and organising and stuff (not to mention worrying about finances) but everything seems ok now and on track and it should All Be Fine on the days concerned. I'm looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in a while (and their new babies!).

My Ishbel shawl is finished and blocked and looks awesome! I've been meaning to put pics on my knitblog but the weathers been a bit yuck for taking pics so as soon as we get some nice weather I'll post pics of all my FOs. Wedding dress is nearly done, looking good. I've hit a bit of a bump with P's waistcoat and will have to re-cut the front facing and lining but the mock-up fit  so I'm not too concerned. I've been sewing at least 3 hours a night for the past week so I'm hoping the results will pay off. Or I'll possibly go blind :).

Also, there is a monkey's wedding outside today and the sky is full of rainbows. As I was driving along Settler's Way to work this morning there was a perfect rainbow framing Devil's Peak. Wish I'd taken a picture. Another really bright one against Table Mountain above Gardens, looked like I could reach out and touch it. Even though I know how they work it still doesn't take the magic out of them. See, woo people, science and knowing how things work doesn't make the world less magical or enjoyable!

ETA: due to a gigantic admin fuck-up my housebuilding henparty for this Saturday is cancelled. Basically they moved the build I signed up for to the Friday and cancelled the third build. The build that remained on the Saturday was then filled up. Then, they only booked me two slots as they didn't see the "party of 15 ppl" in the notes when I filled out the volunteer form! Completely useless. I was so disappointed that I nearly cried. I was really really looking forward to it and I know others were too. Hopefully we'll still get the chance to do it some day. There's a project I'm interested in call the Good Night God Bless sleeping bag, made from black bags and newspaper, so I might organise a day to do that sometime.

ps: if anyone wants banking details for honeymoon fund please email me or P.

New cat!

Dec. 16th, 2008 11:25 am
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We has a new cat! She is lovely and sweet, her name is Pandora and she's about 4 years old. She is the black one that I tried to home in late November, Phleep said we could take her if no-one else wanted her. She is fitting in really well, already taking up bed-space. She plays nicely with Puff, seems to ignore Nanuk but doesn't get on with Possum. I think they're too similar and fill a similar niche in our cat ecology. Possum is jealous of her and she is scared of Possum, which is really weird as Possum is the sweetest cat evar. I'm hoping it will get better, we've only had her for a couple of weeks. There's always Feliway (which I've been spraying around like air freshener, even though it really stinks and gets in my throat). It turns out she wasn't preggies, just fat. I brought her in to be spayed and after fighting with her to get the jelco in (it's the drip thing they put in the arm to inject into), and shaving her arms and her tummy, the vet saw her spay scar. Oh well, we didn't know. She was very very cross for about 2 days, not eating and hiding under the bed. I think the anaesthetic took long to wear off and she was feeling a bit ill. Her tummy is still all naked and chubby :P.

We have been watching True Blood recently, it is made of win. It's a vampire series set in a small town in Louisiana, where vampires come out of the coffin and try to "mainstream". It's based on novels, which are obviously a bit Mary Sue, but still has an interesting plot and believable characters and an awesome soundtrack. It's really recent (September 2008) so we'll have to wait a while for the second season to be made.

It really doesn't feel like Xmas yet, even though I have my tree up (despite Puff's best efforts at scaling the tree-trunk and trying to steal the ornaments). I think it's the lack of mass-shopping for presents and total consumerism, and the fact that I'm not that keen to spend the day with my extended family. We are all poor this Xmas, so I'm not buying presents for anyone except the children in my life. I'm going to take all the arb bath-stuff/biscuit/chocolate money and donate it to a good cause, then tell my family that on Xmas day. I plan to do the same for friends, btw. Maybe buy everyone a membership to the Animal Rescue Organisation or something. I remember a couple of years back wolverine_nun collected money at the annual Boxing Day Braai and donated it to various charities. Confluence and I have been discussing an idea like this and that's what will probably happen. For the price of a box of biscuits in a tin you can pay for a stray animal to be sterilised. Alternative gifts are the way of the future, no one needs more stuff.

It's a lovely day outside, even if I am at work. 

ps: This post courtesy of egadfly's meme, for which I did not have a sentence for December :P. But really, I have been wanting to post for a week or so, just haven't found the time.

ppss: go look at cute baby animals !

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It has been brought to my attention that I sound a bit preachy on the topic of charity and the environment. I don't mean to, but if my posts offend you, go look here.

The sermon... )
* * * * * *

In other news, I went to watch a violin recital on Wednesday night. It was really awesome. It made me quite proud of us apes, to come up with something as beautiful as music. To take sounds and create a written language and then to take that language and create melodies and symphonies that inspire emotion in others. Just wow. I think music is the ultimate form of artistic expression, more so than graphic art or poetry and prose. It made me itch to pick up my recorders again. I need to listen to more classical music.

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Check out the SA Social Investment Exchange. It's so cool, you can buy "shares" in charities and all the projects are rated on various criteria, just like companies on the Stock Exchange. I love things that make it easier for people to donate to worthy causes! Also, Gifts 4 Good.

Both of these make excellent Christmas presents. Give something more meaningful than soaps or chocolates this Festive season. As an animal lover, I would far more appreciate a cat sterilisation kit than a book voucher.

What I did today to save the planet a little: washed my colleagues' fast food containers to take home for recycling. What did _you_ do today?


Nov. 20th, 2007 02:50 pm
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So, my boss just asked me to find two charities for Christmas donations (one animals, one children). For the animals I think I'm going to go with the Cart Horse Protection Association, because I like wosses. I don't have any idea about the children's charity, though. I looked on Greater Good, but there's so many from which to choose and some of them don't seem very active at all. How do I decide? Any recommendations? Gifts4good is down for maintenance, maybe I should just go through that. I don't think the money goes to a specific charity, though.

Also, as Schedule_5 pointed out, has done the "knit from stash" pledge. I think I will adopt that for 2008.


Nov. 6th, 2007 11:24 am
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Random stuffs:

Link to eco-friendly yarns. Also, I might start a needlework blog, seeing as it's the thing to do, apparently. I never keep pics of the things I've made, though, so this might force me to start keeping a gallery. I want to knit a patchwork aran jacket from bamboo DK. I think it will be lovely but I'm not sure if it will be snuggly enough. I think the fact that I'll have a jersey made from bamboo is winning.

It's nearly Christmas! Omg. I love Christmas, I don't know why. Maybe it's the only time my family pretends to get along. Also, there's the presents and the tree and the general feeling of happiness. Christmas is also a time for charity and to think about those less fortunate. So, instead of giving material things this year, how about making Christmas matter with a Gift 4 Good? I think Greater Good's gift ideas are the best thing ever. Now, instead of thinking "urgh, what am I going to buy for this person, R50 doesn't go as far as it used to", you can get them something that will make them feel that they are doing something for someone else who appreciates that R50 much more than they do. Like Arrested Development said "2 dollars means a snack to me, but it means a big deal to you". I think we could all give up a movie and popcorn to feed a cat in a shelter for a month.

Here's a challenge to all bloggers (and others!) who read this: every time you post, include a ps on what you did today that made the world a better place, be it recycling or giving a meal voucher to a beggar (eg Loaves and Fishes, available at Obs Spar) or buying a Big Issue or putting a brick in your cistern or choosing environmentally-friendly products at the shop or taking your own bag to the shop or replacing a normal light bulb with an energy-saving bulb or carrying a plastic bottle to refill with water instead of buying a new one every time.

Check out for awesome tips on how to go green in just about every part of your life. Especially useful is the "Green your pets" section.

I'm not trying to be preachy here, just trying a little gentle encouragement :). It's not that hard to be green, despite what Kermit says.
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I'm wanting to make soup for a soup kitchen. You wouldn't think this would be a hard thing to do. But, it seems that the general consensus on the web is that if you're not affiliated with a religious group, you can't possibly want to do good in your community. I heard on the radio that the Salvation Army is running soup kitchens. They're pretty rambo-Christian, but say that they don't discriminate. I can't get an answer on any of the numbers in the phone book, all the websites I've tried don't work or have contact details that don't work. I know of lots of churches that do soup kitchens, but I'm not affiliated with any church.

Why can't there be one portal site/wrangler for people wanting to help? Is it so hard to allocate willing people with skills to a place that needs them? I'm sure there are many people out there who would volunteer if it were made really easy to them. I've had this problem before, you have to really go looking for a charity that suits you, and when you do find them it's hard to get in contact with someone (I guess they're too busy out doing good to answer the phone). I think the inherent problem with NGOs is the bad admin. It seems to be a major fault, especially the smaller ones. There's so much to do that they can't spare a person for admin. If I had webskillz I would do something about it, dammit.

Anyway, dear readers, can anyone point me in the right direction? I don't mind if it's religious, but I'm not, so preferably something secular.


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