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Hmm, long time no post. I just don't seem to be in the mood for posting lately, I'll often start typing a post and then think "meh, no one wants to read this arb crap". But here's an updatey post anyway :).

My lovely husband bought me a spinning wheel for my birthday! It's a second-hand Ashford Traditional Double-drive (if that means anything to you :P). I'm very excited, I can't wait to start spinning my lovely alpaca and merino rovings that I have. Also, there's a large demand for second-hand wheels so if I don't take to it I can sell it on. P is always surprised by the market for knitting stuff :). My cats are enjoying the wheel, of course anything I bring into the house is a cat toy. Also, Scroob sent me some delicious Camelspin! It's the best yarn ever.

Tickets to Germany are booked and paid for. We're also staying a night in Amsterdam, I'm really keen to see the van Gogh museum. Thank you to all those who contributed to the Honeymoon Fund, I think P sent out thank you emails last night. If you didn't get one and should've then please let us know. It was so hectic that I wouldn't be surprised if some of the cards got misplaced.  There are some wedding pics up at my Flickr stream, we have more that we need to upload.

Now that I'm married I think my biological clock has started to tick. Obviously it was just waiting for the wedding since for the past few years I've been non-committal on the having babies issue. Yes, they're cute and sweet and cuddly but they take up time and money that could be spent on other things like travel and knitting. Also, you don't get any sleep or time to read and there's screaming and tantrums and vomit and then they hit teenagerdom and it's a whole new batch of horrors. Having spent time with P's mum recently I'm beginning to see the reason for having kids. She said that she'd always wanted kids so that she wouldn't be alone when she was old and I think that now that she's a widow it's even more true. I know that statistically I will outlive P and I don't want to be the lonely widow aunt with 39 cats (well, the cat part isn't so bad). At any rate, babies are beginning to not look so bad. The cuteness of Scroob's baby isn't helping at all :P. I think I need to babysit more to reawaken me to the horrors of babies/small children. I think a few good tantrums and vomits will help me see reason and tell my clock to stfu :).

I'm dying of hayfever at the moment too, which is making me a very grumpy panda. I'm not looking forward to the weekend away SCA event next month, the venue is full of flowers and grass and I usually spend the entire time sniffling in the hall. I need a bubble. I also need to finish sewing all my new garb (Saxon, v boring but easy and comfortable until I know what I want to do).

See, a very boring post :P.
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Fires: last night on the way to fetch Phleep from Gandalf's I happened to glance up to see Devil's Peak on fire. It was awesome to see, like a special effect from a movie, while at the same time sobering and saddening to realise how much plant and animal life must've been destroyed. There are lots of pics on News24. The view this morning was of an ashen mountain. Thankfully no one was killed. I feel for the wildlife reserve, though, I have often admired the wildebeest standing sentry on that hill over the M3, watching the cars go by.

Snot: my fluishness has turned to green mucus, hooray. I am at home sick today, hoping this won't turn into an URTI*. I have had two in the last month. Apparently the 16 days total of burning fires has pushed up the pollution levels somewhat, I'm wondering if this is the cause of my unseasonal respiratory issues, I usually get URTIs in winter. Hello URTI my old friend...

Imminent baby: Scroob has gone into labour, I'm watching the Ravelry forum like a hawk. I will sms people as soon as there's news other than "dammit, contractions hurt". Leave a comment if you want to be on the sms list. I guess I'm the SA news portal :P.

Awesome doggies: a video showing why Border Collies are the best dogs evar. Also, craaaaazy Welshmen doing amazing things with LEDs and sheeps.

* Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, I get them so damn often :(

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Congratulations to Scroobious and the Arminator!!! Wheeee, babies!!! The world needs a constant supply of new toes. Many hugs will be forthcoming in early August.

Also, super-cool to announce it on Ravelry. I'm wondering if I should knit something, or if that will be coals to Newcastle :P.

I post this in lieu of a comment as Blogger doesn't want to know me, pah.


Edit: pics

Panty shot (yes, that's taken while I'm sitting on the loo, SFW)
A greeting-card picture of a kitten and some yarn (NSFW, you might squee loudly)
Mad cablz (the most difficult thing I've knitted yet, also my new favorite yarn - 70% organic cotton/30% bamboo)
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My gorram cat, lovely as he is, woke me up at 4.30 this morning, screaming like he'd been caught in a bear trap. Fearing the worst, I sprang (sprung?) out of bed to find him on the windowsill in my sewing room, shouting at the laundry or invisible ninjas or something. I couldn't even shout at him*. He decided that since I was up anyway it was a good time for breakfast, so tried to herd me into the kitchen.

It too me an hour to get back to sleep again. When I left this morning, he was all streeeeeeetched out on the bed, sleeping the sleep of the righteous and fluffy. Hmmph. Tonight, I will bathe him in revenge**.

In other news, yesterday khoi-wife and I cooked 3 kilos of bacon and pork sausages. My house stinks of fried pork. Eww. The baby shower was good, I think. I hope w_n enjoyed it. There was the usual "omg, the pain of childbirth, the horrible things you can expect" talk, causing elder Jo to flee :P. Then we had a braai. It was a loooong weekend.

* he's deaf. All he would think was "I see your lips moving, but all I hear is the grumbling of my tummy".

** w_n made a startled comment about not having to bathe cats. But, he's (technically) white and has been rolling in the sand all weekend. He's filthy. Although he does clean himself, I don't want to kiss him and cuddle him when he's dirty. Also, he sleeps in my bed, I wouldn't let Phleep sleep in the bed if he were filthy. On the bed is ok, the dirt stays above the duvet. Would you just let your child go to bed dirty or climb in your bed all dirty? It doesn't harm them, they get severely cuddled afterwards, and get treats. I do feel a bit guilty when I bathe them, they look so betrayed***, like "how could you do this to me? what have I done to displease you, please tell me! don't you love me anymore?". But then they're so soft and smell nice after their bath and I think it's worth it.

*** Possum sometimes jumps into the bath after we've showered to see what the fuss is. Then she acts all surprised and horrified when her feet get wet. She's not too bright.


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