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I've started to upload the UK holiday pics to my shiny new Flickr Pro* account. There are some with humans in, if you are one of these and would prefer not to have your face all over the internets, let me know and I'll take it down. Most of the Innocent Fete and London Zoo pics are by [livejournal.com profile] gnomeza, the rest of the London/wedding/Dorset pics are by me.

Other than that: meerkats! Sloth! Baby komodo**! and a giant friggin moth. Mothra, really. I have more from Dorset that will get uploaded tonight, hopefully. Argh, teh sloooow internets.

Birthday last week was good, my Phleep took me to the Tibetan Teahouse in Simonstown. We saw whales, just chillin 20m off shore. While I didn't feel the need to pull over (like so many many others, stupidly, on a busy road) I'm really glad they are there. Cetaceans ftw.

The birthday party on Saturday was cool, despite being crashed by family. Sorry I was a bit antisocial, I was a bit miff. Lovely to see you all, and thanks for the presents :).

* thanks, hodge and confluence!
** komodo dragons would be Gluttony, I suppose. Is there Really Bad Oral Hygiene a Deadly Sin? It damn well should be. Eww.

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I've started to use a feed reader as I keep forgetting to check all the various knitting/friend/science blogs that I like to read. I'm using Google Reader just because it was there*.

The issue I'm having, however, is that often readers don't get the comments** . Are there readers out there that grab comments too, or is it specific to the source page/blog? I hate having to go check the page to see what the comments are :/. What do you use?

In other news, two more sleeps till I turn 28. I'm finding myself in a very contemplative place right now. It must be the rapid approach to 30. In my mind 30 year olds are supposed to know what they're doing with their lives, have a Plan for the Future and basically be Responsible Adults able to Contribute to Society. Also, still brooding on the issue of ex-bf and her engagement. Sigh.

While at "work" today, a public holiday***, I seem to have fallen into science blogs. This is a particularly cool one. There's also WTF Nature and Tetrapod Zoology. I would love to go to the abyssal plain. I need a submersible, dammit. It's for Science!! Also, I need a vat to grow dinosaurs.

* I like to keep all my stuffs in one place, and since I use Gmail and Google Calendar already it seemed logical to use Google Reader
** unless like Wordpress (ftw!) there's a seperate feed for comments as well
*** I'm taking the time off in lieu for exams

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There's a cheetah downstairs, in for its annual checkup. It's screaming the screams of a small child throwing a tantrum: angry, scared and futile. It's stopped now, I hope they got the anaesthesia in.

In other news, see knitblog for updates on projects (if you care) and a report on yesterday's Train Ride From Hell (tm).

A rant on RSVPs... )

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After reading this, please do not think too harshly of me. Remember my good qualities, if you can, and do not hold this one lapse of judgement against me.

I was an avid watcher of the British TV series Footballers' Wives. It was addictive, I couldn't wait to see what (and who) the drug-taking, silicone-implanted slappers would do next. I tuned in faithfully every week from Season 1 until the cliff-hanger at the end of Season 5, when it was cancelled*. I was devastated to realise that now we'd never know if Tanya took the poisoned cocaine, if Liberty would be branded a cannibal forever due to to one unwisely-phrased Japanese commercial and if Roger's killer would get his comeuppance.

But now there's hope: Footballers' Wives: Extra Time! I can get my weekly fix of trashy Essex girls doing bad fings to blokes wif stupid hair. Hoorah!

Also, I think that if a series is cancelled with no hope of remake, the producers/writers should release the upcoming plots to the world so that we don't have to lie awake at night pondering Tanya's fate. Otherwise one might hatch plans** to kidnap the said producers and hold them hostage until the rest of the episodes are aired.

* it seems that by the end it was too fantastic even for UK audiences and ratings dropped.

** hypothetically speaking, of course.

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To avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of those of you with a knitting allergy, I have created a knit-blog [1] where I will murble about lace*[2], camelsilk**[3] and the perils of blocking. Very occasionally there will be a finished object too.

I was surprised (and horrified) to see that one cannot create a new LJ blog in the old Basic account anymore, it's either Plus (with lots of horrible ads) or Paid. Hence the knit-blog in Wordpress, which has a much cleaner look and easier-to-use styling tools.

Also, I seem to have injured my back somehow (srsly, just bending over the bath!). It's really sore and I'm walking like an arthritic geriatric. It's a sad day when the pregnant nurse beats you up the stairs :(.

* omg, it's fiddly and takes really long

** hint hint***

*** Nova Scotia please


Edit: argh, since LJ isn't showing me the popup for web-linking, here they are:

[1] - http://fallenknits.wordpress.com/
[2] - http://flickr.com/photos/firstfallen/2825625932/
[3] - http://www.purlescence.co.uk/item--Camelspin--yarn_hm_cms.html

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Bleh. I am still full of snot, but no longer coughing up aliens. I'm a bit cross that I had to miss the outing to Monkeytown* yesterday, but it's probably for the best.

I know I still need to do a big "what we did on our holiday" post, but I'm waiting till I get a paid Flickr account** first so I can upload all photos and link them in the entry.

* won't you take me to...

** *hint* *hint*
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Someone who was a friend in high school found me on Facebook and friended me. We emailed a bit and he said he was coming to SA and he would call me when he got here, which he didn't. So I was all miffed then. Now he's just included me on some mass-mailing crap thing where "if you send this email to 10 ppl you get a free case of champagne"!! I feel like responding with "you fucking asshole, you diss me when you visit after saying you were keen to hook up in email and now you spam me?! Die!!"

Sigh, I seem to be having old friend email issues lately. I will drown my sorrows in tofu and yarn. And tofu yarn.
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Things that make me go squee: when my favorite local yarn-dyer makes some cotton sock yarn in shades of green just for me (and posts it to me for free). Just cos I asked nicely and I'm such a fangirl :). And apparently that's just the first lot, she's also got some cotton/bamboo in various greys/blues as well, for manly socks.
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So, our last day in Dorset. Tomorrow we take the train back to London for a quick lunch with Phleep's sister and hopefully [profile] egadfly, then to Heathrow for our evening flight home. I'm sad to be leaving here but really looking forward to my own bed and my babycats.  

Our holiday has been a mixture of irritation, loveliness and rain. We saw some cool places and watched a lot of TV. Best description of an Olympic diver: lemminglike. 

Also, what the hell's with the libraries in Canada? They ban a knitting group but start Scrabble and computer games to attract kids?! 

So, see y'all* soon.

* we passed through a village called Yawl.
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Here is a short run down of what we've done this past week. It would've been longer but Sky shows lots of Star Trek late at night :). Also, I would've put in links but I'm lazy and you can all use Google.

Seen lots of people (Scroobious and husband, Stefi, Claire, Mark, frogmort, Austin and quietly-mad Korean gf Yooen Mi*, Duncan tomorrow, AndRen)**. Went to the Innocent Fete last Saturday, it was awesome. I have millions of pics, courtesy of Mark (my delicious photographer, also does weddings and birthdays but only if all participants are naked) and lots of ferret pics, I'll put them up when I have more time and less Star Trek***. Had a fleeting meeting with local SCA (sorry again about the beer spillage, bend_gules).

Went to see Avenue Q, it's awesome. Featuring such songs as "The Internet is for porn", "Everyone's a little bit racist", "You can be as loud as the hell you want when you're making love" and "It sucks to be me", it's well worth the 30 poond (each) Phleep's work paid for us to see it. I promised bend_gules a review, but suffice it to say that it's really good and funny and everyone should see it. Gay Muppet pron!

Went to the Zoo with Mark, it was lovely. Photos of baby Komodo Dragons ("those are from the Galapagos, innit?" Argh, die morons) and marmosets and giant mantis egg-cases coming soon. Also spent lots of time walking in Regent's Park. I think I might move there as a bergie, it's so lovely. Also, I've discovered an unknown passion for Pimms. Mmmm, Pimms. It even rhymes, see?!

Been doing lots of knitting on tubes and buses, travel just takes so long here. Tomorrow I start my Ravelympics projects, whee. I have one that _has_ to be finished before I leave, I hope it goes well. 

The wedding is this Saturday, I'll post again next week. Until then, hope your weather is better than this humidity and rain. My dad says my cats are pining for me but the weather is lovely. Sigh. Also, I'm glad we're leaving London soon, it's expensive and I'm becoming addicted to sausage.

* yes, yes, the joke has been made often
** I would put in the LJ links, but I'm lazy
*** so probably at the parents, they don't have Sky. If I had Sky I would never leave the house. Maybe that's why so many Londoners get groceries delivered

ps: must remember to rant about how pathetic UK parents are and how badly behaved their kids are and how I could totally snatch one and they wouldn't notice and how they've handed all responsibility for raising their kids to the govmnt.
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I've been fairly active on Ravelry recently in a somewhat organisational manner, first with the Knitting in Public Day event and now for the South African Ravelympics Team*. The "downside" of this seems to be that I'm being added as a friend by random people I've never met and some who don't even live in SA. It's one thing if I've chatted to you online at least once on a forum or private message, but if you're a lurker on a forum to which I post and you like my userpic/projects/blabbering then why the hell are you friending me? I guess I should be flattered or something, I'm sounding like a horrible unfriendly bitch** but I really don't understand the motivation behind adding someone as a friend that you don't know, have never communicated with and don't even live near.

What are others' thoughts on online "friends"? I only friend people on Facebook, for instance, if I actually know them and actually like them. I don't friend people that I just know, cos they're not actually friends then, just acquaintances. My LJ friends are people I've met and like and with whom I've communicated (even if only in email).

I'm just baffled by this trend of "friending" people you kinda like cos of what they say on a public forum.

* don't ask unless you're really into knitting :P.

** for those who know me, you can stop snorting now
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So, only [personal profile] starmadeshadow replied with interest to my last post on the Innocent Village Fete. We need to buy tickets asap, so if you're still keen and haven't yet responded then please do so today.

Also, planning a get-together at Scroob's on Friday (omg, that's in like 4 days!), Phleep should be emailing people today. If you don't get an email, either we don't have your email address or we don't like you. Either way comment here and you'll get an email (or not) :P.
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I just read an article on IOL about an informal settlement near Durban that's infested with rats. A baby was bitten. Apparently the rubbish-removal trucks can't get into the settlement to remove the stuff.

The thing that pisses me off, however, is this statement: "The municipality should hire us to clean up the place instead of bringing people from outside". Why is it the municipality's responsibility to get into your warren to remove your shit? Lady, there are rats eating your babies. Clean up your goddamn waste, ppl! If the trucks can't get in, organise community members to collect the shit in wheelbarrows and take it somewhere where the council can collect it, ffs.


In other news: I've cut my hair, but very few people seem to have noticed. Granted, I do cut it every year to the same length, but a "hey, new haircut!" would be nice. Just FYI.
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Is it just a local thing or are all email lists full of stupid? It seems to be an inherent problem where you have ignorant people/easily offended people/experts on internet usage/"experts" with superiority complexes using the same forum.

On the Cape Town Freecycle list there have been two asplosions in as many months. Last month someone complained about there being too many "wanted" posts, and was flamed and supported over a two-week period by half the list. Nothing was achieved, other than to clutter up people's inboxes and piss other people off. In the latest fiasco someone posted a "wanted: job" ad and was politely told off about contravening the rules. Not even told off, per se, just pointed to the group's rules. That person then got flamed for being "heartless" and "privileged" and "against the downtrodden trying to better themselves". Now the list is full of people either pointing out the rules, or rallying to support the downtrodden and unemployed, or being anarchists against the rules and flaming the rules-posters or just flaming the list in general for being stupid no-life-having people with nothing better to do and then leaving the list with cries of "oh, this used to be a lovely place where we could get rid of stuff to save the environment". Argh.

This is not new, though. There was a blow-up on another list recently about thread-jacking and when I responded with an explanation of what it is and what netiquette is I was asked by some people to write a post on the topic. I so don't want to get involved in stupid list-flames. Srsly, life is Too Short.

There ends the rant.
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Last night I had the most bizarre dream, I just thought I'd share it with you all :).

Robert Downey Jr worked at my firm*  but he was still him, the actor. I was reading some celebrity blog (like Go Fug Yourself) and there were pics of him and Eva Mendes on the beach, suitably attired. She looked hot in a bikini and he looked really studly in (blank here, but I'm sure I would've remembered had it been a Speedo, urgh) and there was speculation about whether they were together or not. So I let out this "oh my god!" at his hotness, and from his office downstairs he calls "oh, did you like my picture?". And I say to him "yes, you look damn hot". And that's pretty much that. Also, confluence had left a comment on the celebrity blog to the same effect, showing herself as a rabid RD Jr fangirl.

The next morning people are coming over to my house to watch Star Wars (I think I was showing a marathon) at 9am. So people start arriving at 8.30 (hah, srsly, in CT?) and I'm still abed in fluffy blue dressing gown** and they're like "oh, we just came early to have coffee". Some of the people arriving were Hodgestar and confluence. RD Jr was also attending. When confluence entered the lounge, she squeed and frothed at RD Jr for like 10 minutes, while Hodgestar stood around looking embarrassed.

The really weird bit: I can't imagine confluence squeeing all over someone, even if he is as hot as RD Jr. Also, RD Jr was himself yet also just a normal guy. He was also a bit embarrassed at the frothing.

I'm not sure if I'm a RD Jr fangirl. I've always liked him in films (he was superb in Fur) but Iron Man has put him into that "omg, superhero hotness" category. Like I've always loved Christian Bale, but him as Batman is just beyond hot. While I don't see myself ever being one of those screaming women at gala premiers, I can't say what I'll do if I should ever have the chance. I find the list*** of "people for whom I would leave my Phleep****" growing longer. It might just be the hormones, though. I wonder if, as I approach 30, my biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away, telling me to mate now or forever hold my peace.

* I'm not sure what we did, actually

** this bit is real, I do have such an article of clothing.

*** Currently*****: Jared Leto, RD Jr, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, John Malkovich

**** I'm only half-serious here. The bottom half.

***** This changes every week.
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Omg, I nearly died laughing at these. This dude (dudette?) collects bizarre vinyl albums* and blogs about them. There are little snippets you can listen to, if you really want to. I must admit: the knitting album intrigues me, but not as much as the disco Xmas songs.

The Internet is full of wonder.

*presumably from garage sales or something.
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Congratulations to Scroobious and the Arminator!!! Wheeee, babies!!! The world needs a constant supply of new toes. Many hugs will be forthcoming in early August.

Also, super-cool to announce it on Ravelry. I'm wondering if I should knit something, or if that will be coals to Newcastle :P.

I post this in lieu of a comment as Blogger doesn't want to know me, pah.


Edit: pics

Panty shot (yes, that's taken while I'm sitting on the loo, SFW)
A greeting-card picture of a kitten and some yarn (NSFW, you might squee loudly)
Mad cablz (the most difficult thing I've knitted yet, also my new favorite yarn - 70% organic cotton/30% bamboo)
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So, for those in London: who's keen to go to the Fete? It looks awesome. It's on the Saturday and the Sunday, so pick your day. It would be cool to get a group to go, otherwise I'll spend all day in the knitting tent (or trying to steal a ferret) and Phleep will spend all day at the book tent (or the ale house).

Leave a comment or email if you're keen, day with the most votes can like to win. Tickets are selling fast, be quick!


Edit 1: Also, beer festival in Earl's Court! Again, indicate interest below.

Edit 2: Phleep has pointed out that I should state the cost and ticket arrangements. The tickets are £7.50, available through Ticketmaster, so £9 including booking fee. Once we have final numbers, some sort of co-ordinated buying plan can happen. I'm loathe to leave it longer than the end of this week, though, as tickets sold out for last year's fete.
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The planning for the UK holiday progresses apace. I have a long list of things I want to do and see (mostly museums). Phleep has to be in the office two days, so I might be seeing some of those things alone. We only have a week in London (1-8 Aug), so I'm anticipating having to chop things out of the list :(. There are lots of people we want to see, so if anyone has suggestions for stuff to do and wants to see us, make your time! We will be staying at Chez Scroob. I'm hoping to do a picnic in Hyde Park on Saturday the 2nd (pedalos on the Serpentine!), but we'll see what the other plans are.

My biggest worry is "will I be able to fit enough knitting into my luggage so that I don't get bored"? One solution is of course to just take a few things and knit _very slowly_ so that I don't finish it before we leave, but somehow I don't see that happening :P. Thankfully there will be room on the way back*  for all the lovely things I'm going to buy (and Scroob's b&w cat).

Phleep bought me a lovely electric blue suitcase (expandable!) so hopefully I'll be able to fit everything in. Phleep keeps saying something about "packing light" but I don't know what he means, surely the bulbs will get broken in transit?

* gifts for Phleep's family, probably replaced by demands from my family**

** my sister's standing request for a Ronaldo shirt


In the course of my research, I've discovered that the London Zoo has a Komodo Dragon. I'm going to need a bigger bag. Also, a Magnificent Featherduster Worm*. I don't know what they are, but I must have one. And a Dwarf Giant Clam. So, basically, a normal clam then? You can see the full inventory here. And 7 kinds of tarantula! Only 1 Giant Burrowing Cockroach, though. Ooooh, an emerald cockroach wasp!!!!! And chub, a type of fish, from whence the term "chubby" comes :). A twocoloured banjo catfish! I bet Phleep will be able to play it. Ok, I'll stop being an animal-geek now.

Except for 5 axolotls!!! I'm definitely going to need a waterproof bag. Also, I'm either going to have to buy a camera or borrow one for this trip, I plan to be a total snap-happy tourist.

And an aye-aye!!! And a sloth bear!!!!!

* It sounds like something from Dr Snuggles or Fantasia.
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