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Got this lovely piece of poetry in some spam for Viagra just now, had to share :). I'm just wondering what a "costly elephant's rope" is, or if I actually want to know. Also, "his car of precious"? Obviously Gollum's fallen on hard times and is working as a spam copy-writer. The randomness of this poetry pretty much sets the theme for this blog entry.

Device of the costly elephant's rope, was adorned is kesava
who is inconceivable. Hence, it is absurd roars. As soon
as they heard that loud peal, dhrishtadyumna auditors assenting
to this truth, he then gave me thus, he rose into the sky
on his car of precious.

In other news, Phleep leaves soon for the UK. He will be away for three weeks but I am consoling myself with the thought of all the delicious yarns he's bringing back for me (currently sitting at 15 skeins). I plan to eat nothing but beans and eggs on toast while he's away, haha! I will also install methane energy converters in a bid to save money in the lean times to come. I'm not sure the cats will appreciate it, though.

I also plan to fill the time with learning to spin on my shiny new drop spindle. As soon as [ profile] zoezebra gets her ass back from Wales she'll teach me to use the damn thing. Lookout world, phear my lumpy yarnz!

Here's a very funny article on Hayibo about the A-team resurrection:

We went to see Watchmen on Sunday night. I'm not sure if it wowed me or not, but then I wasn't particularly wowed by the graphic novel (I can hear some of you gasping incredulously from here). Maybe I came along on the comic scene too late and am jaded by all the other stuff I've read to appreciate the new ideas put forth in it. Don't get me wrong, it's a good story (even if I totally figured out the "villain" halfway through. I'm bad like that, it's a curse) but it didn't rock my world. Rorschach's pretty cool though.

Speaking of non world-rocking, I agree a bit with some online sentiments that NG is slightly over-rated. Yes, I enjoy his stuff, it's interesting and well-written, but I don't think he's the literary Messiah some people think he is. I don't particularly like American Gods, Anansi Boys was ok and The Graveyard Book was a fun read (I'm sure others with more literary credentials than I will go on about the Jungle Book comparisons and all and all), but none of these made me wet myself. China Miéville, otoh, can do no wrong (otooh, The Peoples Republic of China sucks ass and the SA govt sucks China's ass). His books, all of them, blow my mind. Maybe it's just preference, ymmv. I must read them again, if I can get through reading Watchmen for the second time (it's sooo long).

If Ysolda Teague ever shows up at my door, I'm leaving Phleep. Just FYI. And no, it's not just because she bears a resemblance to ScarJo (who supports D&G, who used fur in their latest show, woe! she's totally off my "will leave Phleep for" list, although I will probably still go watch all her movies), her knitting patterns are pretty awesome too.

And that's about it. I'm glad Autumn is finally here, I can snuggle under my blankie again! And make stew!  Mmmm, stew.

Date: 2009-03-30 07:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I too prefer *reading* MiƩville to Gaiman, but only by a teensy bit. I think I like MiƩville's politic edge more. Gaiman used to have more of it, I think, like in Black Orchid, Sandman & Neverwhere, but I wonder if America and daddydom has softened him somewhat? On the other hand, I still await new stuff from him with eagerness, he is much more prolific than China, and I still owe him and Pratchett for hooking me up with Khoiwife, so it's a wash, really.

Date: 2009-03-30 07:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ETA - oh yes, that knitter is very attractive. I like that Coraline cardi top, too.


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