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The latest in the Pandora is an Evil Genius series: I was giving my canary*, Ringo, clean water the other day. This necessitated me taking his cage down and putting it on a table. I went to the kitchen to fill up the container and I heard his "danger, danger Will Robinson" cheep**, so I rushed back into the room to discover that Pandora had opened the flap-down door and had got her finger stuck in the bars of the door!!! She was hanging by her hand, meowing pathetically. I freed her and said "bad girl! I hope your toe falls off!"*** It's the fairly standard bird-cage door that stays shut with a bent piece of the top bar. She obviously saw me open it and thought "ah-ha!". Luckily she got her hand stuck otherwise Ringo would be no more. He might have escaped (and been eaten) if she hadn't been by the door, though. I will have to be more careful in the future, she's pretty evil and cunning, that one. Recently all his tail feather disappeared (either fell out or were pulled out) and I wonder if Pandora didn't catch his tail through the bars as he was eating. She has long, thin legs. The tail feathers have grown back now, he seems no worse for wear. Good thing they're not prone to heart-attacks!

Phleep and I have been together 9 years now. It seems like a really long time but sometimes I still have to remind myself that I have a boyfriend. People have commented that we're still really lovey-dovey like a new couple, and that we hug and kiss alot. I dunno, it's hard to be objective, we still seem to be happy and love each other dearly. He loves the cats and puts up with my luxury yarn habits :).

Today is Friday, and I am very glad about that. Tonight I will bake green tea biscuits for the Japanese-themed SCA event tomorrow. I will also work on Baby Scroob's jersey (only the sleeves to go!) and watch terrible TV. I might practice recorder a little as I'm feeling somewhat insecure about my lack of practice. I mentioned to a friend's bf (who's in a band) that I play recorder and he said he might ask me to come play with them. Eeep!

Next week will be my first Pilates class. As a complete Pilates-noob I have to take 4 private classes before I can be allowed to mingle with those more experienced people in a group class. I hope it's fun, I don't mind things being difficult as long as they're fun. Once I've learned the moves, I'll join the class with Jesse and she's promised to peer-pressure me into actually going and not being a lazy-ass. It helps that it's a few blocks from our street :P.

Also, I want to learn to spin on the drop-spindle. This is a direct result of me falling in love with Posh Yarns but being unable to buy anything from the directly and having to resort to buying second hand from people on Ravelry. The site goes live every two weeks with what they've dyed that fortnight and it's usually a mad scrum to get anything. Things are sold out in like 5 minutes :(. So, I will be buying roving on Etsy and making my own, dammit. I've already ordered some camel and cashmere, and Zoe has a giant bag of alpaca that I'm going to mooch :). I will start spinning classes in March, as soon as my lovely Ashford drop spindle arrives from New Zealand. Severe yarn-geek. I also intend to comb Puff and spin Puff-yarn :P.

It's the Community Chest Carnival soon. Can anyone say "poffertjies"? Dutch stall, here I come! And saris, one can never have too many.

* he's a Gloster Fancy and has a really cute Beatles haircut. I need to find a new female for him as the old one died of a foot infection :(. You can only paid a Corona (one with the hairdo) with a Consort (plain head) otherwise the babies could come out bald!

** birds have a language, with different cheeps for different things. This one is quite distinctive and means "omg, I thought I saw a putty-tat and it's trying to eat me!!"

*** I didn't mean it, even if she is more evil than Puff (who is merely naughty and bitey, not calculatingly evil like Miss Pandora Moriarty)

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