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I have decided that I want a digital camera. I borrowed one for our UK holiday and the pictures are far superior to my cellphone (leet as it is).

The one I borrowed was a Canon Powershot A710IS. It's the only one I've ever used, but it seemed to have all the things I want. I would use it mostly for pictures of needlework and cats, so I need a good zoom as well as good low-light picture-taking (I don't have a good lighting setup at home, it's basically crappy room lighting). Other than those two, I'm not really fussy about the other features.

So, I need recommendations, please. What do you use, why and what would you recommend for my limited needs? The range of digital cameras is bewildering so I'm hoping someone with more experience than me can shed some light (haha) :). There are also loads of second hand cameras available on Gumtree, at Cash Crusaders/Converters etc, are these worth looking into?

Edit: I was looking on Incredible Connection's website and found this Fuji Finepix Z20. I really like the colour, and it seems to have everything I need (as well as a Macro mode for 15cm). Anyone had any experience with Fujis? The Canon one down from the one I used, the Canon Powershot A590IS 8MP, seems to have all I need as well (4x zoom as opposed to the A720's 6x), and it's R700 cheaper than the A720. I don't really need 6x zoom :P.
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